The Civil Rights Movement of 2018 takes a dramatic step forward today. Koreatown’s Jake “MLK” Jeong has filed a lawsuit demanding that Herb Wesson stop flagrantly breaking state laws and immediately release his secret emails and texts regarding racial discrimination against Korean Americans from attending publically funded Homeless Shelter Workshops.

In 2018, can the city of LA racially discriminate against it’s own citizens, and then hide emails regarding it, without being punished for it? Do we live in Stalinist Russia? What good are laws if criminals like Herb Wesson refuse to follow them?

Please click and find attached a copy of the records Mr. Chan Yong Jeong received from Councilman Herb Wesson’s office regarding the proposed Homeless Shelter located at 682 S. Vermont. These records were sent in response to our request for Public Records under the California Public Records Act.

Answers to CPRA From Councilman Herb Wesson 1/2
Answers to CPRA from Councilman Herb Wesson 2/2

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