#1 Forum on LA Homelessness: A Solution that Works on July 11, 2019

Radio Korea: LA 노숙자 관련 전문가들 “노숙자 문제 해결하자”

KBS America News ‘노숙자·저소득층 주거난’ 영국적 해결방안은?

LA를 비롯한 캘리포니아주의 노숙자 문제!! 해결될 기미가 보이질 않고 있습니다. 최근 LA시의 노력에도 오히려 노숙자 수가 증가하면서 정부를 믿지 못하는 ‘불신’까지 생겨나고 있는데요, 비영리단체와 시민들이 발벗고 나선 가운데, 오늘 타운에서는 노숙자와 저소득층의 주거난을 해결할 수 있는 영구적인 방안이 제시됐습니다. 김지은 기자가 취재했습니다.

The Korea Daily: “재활없는 노숙자 주택 시간·돈 낭비”

WCC 개최 ‘노숙자 대책 포럼’
NBC 기자·전문가 패널 참석
홈리스 주택 입주 대부분 꺼려
건축비용 고급호텔룸보다 비싸

재활없는 노숙자 주택 시간 & 돈 낭비

SBS Evening News: “홈리스 문제 해결? 재활 심리치료 병행해야”

Korea Times: 노숙자 문제 토론 포럼

Forum on LA Homelessness: A Solution that Works!

Press Release
Chan Yong (Jake) Jeong
Wilshire Community Coalition
For Immediate Release:
Wilshire Community Coalition – A Solution to Homelessness That Works
Despite more than 600 million dollars spent in 2018 on housing and shelter initiatives, homelessness increased by 16% in the city of Los Angeles and by 12% in the county. The current system is failing us!  We at Wilshire Community Coalition are committed to finding community-supported solutions to this ever-growing crisis. We invite you to attend our public forum and panel discussion on the following day.
Date:   Thursday July 11th, 2019
Time:   10:00~11:30 AM
Place: The Oxford Palace Hotel
745 S. Oxford Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005.
We will investigate and discuss the current systems and various issues that are in place with experts–journalists, economic scholars and developers–to find innovative and efficient ways to find real solutions to this humanitarian crisis. This event will be moderated by Chan Yong “Jake” Jeong, President of Wilshire Community Coalition.  The following experts will be present to offer their suggestions: 
·         Joel Grover- Investigative Reporter for NBC4
·         Kevin Hirai- Chief Operating Officer of Flyaway Homes
·         Cristian Ahumada- Executive Director of Clifford Beers Housing
·         Beau Donohoe- The Relevant Group
·         J. David Likens- Lawyer, Activist and Behavioral Health Executive
·         Kristen Jackson- Community Activist
Community members passionate about making change are welcome to attend. Together, we will discover real solutions for real people.

A Bridge Home for the Homeless: Is LA Up to the Task?

Friday, October 19, 2018 at 07:15 AM
Helms Design Center in Culver City, CA

A Bridge Home for the Homeless: Is LA Up to the Task? (NON-MEMBERS-use this form to register)

Westside Urban Forum

LA voters overwhelmingly voted in Measure HHH to build housing for the homeless. But when Mayor Garcetti challenged City Councilmembers to build A Bridge Home shelters in all 15 districts, many local stakeholders balked, protesting against chosen sites. Many of these are the very neighborhoods where street encampments are the most prevalent and complaints are often loudest. In Koreatown, the Council Office’s peremptory siting of a Bridge Home shelter resulted in major protests. Once the parties sat down together, they worked it out, but the pushback has continued in Venice and elsewhere. . Many opponents, and even some supporters, question whether A Bridge Home is a serious effort to combat homelessness as much as a PR initiative by the city.

Even if A Bridge Home succeeds, it will leave 90% of the city’s homeless on sidewalks. City officials have promised to clean up encampments as part of the program, but the 9th Circuit court recently ruled that cities can’t prohibit sleeping in public if enough shelter beds aren’t available. Officials explain that the first occupants will soon move on to permanent housing, making room for others in their place — but housing providers say there’s no housing to move to.

If the program falls short of the promises, what lies in store for other programs? How will neighborhoods and public officials agree on sites for Not on My Sidewalk, Not in My Backyard – A Bridge Home supportive housing? How much longer will homeless people languish on our streets? Join WUF October 19 for a frank discussion by panelists straight from the front lines, who understand the complex needs, conundrums, and the life-and-death stakes of making A Bridge Home a success.

Chan Yong Jeong
Wilshire Community Coalition

Shawn Landres
Chair, County of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission;
City of Santa Monica Planning Commissioner & former Chair, Social Services Commission

John Maceri
Executive Director
The People Concern

Shayla Myers
Staff Attorney, Housing and Communities Workgroup
Legal Aid Foundation Los Angeles

Tommy Newman
Director,Public Affairs
United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Carla Hall
Editorial Board Member
Los Angeles Times

Helms Design Center @ the Helms Bakery campus
8745 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Google map and directions

Available in the adjacent, interior parking garage at 8711 Washington Blvd., Culver City (look for the red banners), or ample street parking, or via the Expo Light Rail line, one block to the east of Helms Bakery.


7:15am Registration
7:30am Breakfast
7:45am Panel Discussion

$50 members
$65 nonmembers
$10 student members
$15 student nonmembers

Pre-registration closes on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. After October 17, 2018 and at onsite registration the cost will be an additional $10. No refunds or credits will be provided after this date.