Forum on LA Homelessness: A Solution that Works!

Press Release
Chan Yong (Jake) Jeong
Wilshire Community Coalition
For Immediate Release:
Wilshire Community Coalition – A Solution to Homelessness That Works
Despite more than 600 million dollars spent in 2018 on housing and shelter initiatives, homelessness increased by 16% in the city of Los Angeles and by 12% in the county. The current system is failing us!  We at Wilshire Community Coalition are committed to finding community-supported solutions to this ever-growing crisis. We invite you to attend our public forum and panel discussion on the following day.
Date:   Thursday July 11th, 2019
Time:   10:00~11:30 AM
Place: The Oxford Palace Hotel
745 S. Oxford Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005.
We will investigate and discuss the current systems and various issues that are in place with experts–journalists, economic scholars and developers–to find innovative and efficient ways to find real solutions to this humanitarian crisis. This event will be moderated by Chan Yong “Jake” Jeong, President of Wilshire Community Coalition.  The following experts will be present to offer their suggestions: 
·         Joel Grover- Investigative Reporter for NBC4
·         Kevin Hirai- Chief Operating Officer of Flyaway Homes
·         Cristian Ahumada- Executive Director of Clifford Beers Housing
·         Beau Donohoe- The Relevant Group
·         J. David Likens- Lawyer, Activist and Behavioral Health Executive
·         Kristen Jackson- Community Activist
Community members passionate about making change are welcome to attend. Together, we will discover real solutions for real people.