Student Leadership & Community Engagement

Student Leadership & Community Engagement empowers and enables students to be agents of change by developing foundational leadership capacities, fostering social responsibility, and providing opportunities for meaningful application and practice.

WCC will provide opportunities and experiences for students in Wilshire Community to enhance their leadership development through workshops, conferences and participating in community service.


  1. The opportunity to participate and to lead a project in community services
  2. Free mentorship
  3. Expand your resume and great on college applications
  4. Certificate of CompletionWho we are looking for:
  1. High School & College students
  2. Students who want to help promote change and become community leaders
  3. No prior “leadership” experience is required.


We are looking for students who primarily want to impact the world and show great potential.

What our Young Leaders will do:

  1. Create an event/project that will inspire others into making change in the community
  2. Participate in WCC events/campaigns to serve the Wilshire Community
  3. Raise awareness for the WCC in your area through social media, school, and other events


Be a leader and beocme a WCC Young Leaders!

Please contact for more details.